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What Will I Learn in This Course?

This series is designed for rehab professionals that are interested in offering a comprehensive primary care model for peripartum women and their young children. 

This 3-part series covers 1) primary care models, 2) screening & evaluation, and 3) management of individuals within this population. 

Each 90-minute module is offered via live Zoom "lunch n'learn" sessions, which will also be available as online self study modules if you are unable to attend. 

As an extra perk, your registration comes with a complimentary 30-min 'office hours' session with our instructor. 

Dr. Kelsey Daniels, PT, DPT has a thriving mobile private practice working with this population in Las Vegas, NV. Visit her website to learn more about her at

Are There CEUs for This Course?

This webinar is eligible for 4.5 CEU contact hour for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants in the blue states on this webpage: 

If you are not licensed in one of these states, or not a PT/PTA, you may be able to apply for individual approval with your state board. 

Who Are My Instructors?

Dr. Kelsey Daniels, PT, DPT has a thriving mobile private practice working with this population in Las Vegas, NV. Visit her website to learn more about her at 

Course Objectives

Part 1: The Primary Care Model for the Perinatal + Early Childhood Population

  1. Compare the differences of providing care to the mother/baby unit versus exclusive focus on the individual. 
  2. Recall the clinical and logistical framework(s) that a clinician would benefit from before offering this care model. 
  3. Recall how this model of care can be offered in various settings (mobile/hybrid small scale, hospital in patient scale, hospital outpatient scale etc). 
  4. Identify the key referral points or team members included on the perinatal person’s team. 5. Identify the key referral points or team members included on the child’s team.

Part 2: Screening & Evaluation Considerations Across the Continuum

  1. Define points of entry for care of the mother and care of the child and deem whether a client is appropriate for this model of care. 
  2. Advise and assist the mother in building an appropriate team of providers for each phase of the perinatal and early childhood timeframes. 
  3. Recall the evaluation considerations for the pregnant, early postpartum, mid postpartum and later postpartum client.
  4. Recall the motor/developmental windows for the early childhood population (ranging from birth to kindergarten ages). 
  5. Identify the key points included in a dual evaluation that includes both the pelvic health concerns of the mother and the developmental concerns of the child.
  6. Identify the at-risk populations and health conditions associated with racial disparities in the maternal community. 

Part 3: Management of the Mother and Child

  1. Define the timeframe that this model is most successful for these populations and why. 
  2. Managing multiple perinatal (pregnancy, birth and postpartum) journey’s. 
  3. Outline at least 2 differences in regards to exceptional populations including complex vaginal births, multiples, c-section, HBAC and VBAC considerations.
  4. Outline at least 1 difference in regards to exceptional populations including children with neurological, orthopedic or other complex medical diagnoses. 
  5. Recall the concept of “flexible frequencies” to fit the lifestyle and flow of the perinatal and early childhood populations.

Course curriculum

    1. Full Course Manual & Syllabus!

    2. Part 1 Pre-Course Quiz

    3. Section 1: Background

    4. Section 2: Framework

    5. Section 3: Pre-Course Question Review & Discussion

    6. Part 1 Post-Course Quiz

    7. Section 4: Post-Course Question Review & Discussion

    8. Optional Reading

    9. Part 1 Evaluation

    10. Part 1 Reflection Assignment (Required)

    1. Part II Slides & Syllabus

    2. Evaluation Framework

    3. Evaluation of the Mother

    4. Evaluation of the Baby - Child

    5. Risk Assessment

    6. Action Plan

    7. Reading & Resources

    8. Screening Questionnaires

    9. Part 2 Evaluation

    10. Part 2 Quiz

    1. Part 3 Slides

    2. Section 1 - Management of the Mother

    3. Section 2 - Management of the Baby/Child

    4. Section 3: Complex Case Management

    5. Part 3 Resources

    1. Completion Tasks

About this course

  • $197.00
  • 2 hr CEU credit
  • Live Zoom or Online Self-Study
PT/PTA CEU credit is accepted in all the states highlighted in blue! If you are licensed in a gray state, we can provide all the information you need to submit for individual approval. MS: Approved Activity (limited CE credit).

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