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What Will I Learn?

This 2 hr online self-study course is designed for primary care physical therapists interested in building their fundamental skill set in screening and managing patients with cancer, from active treatments into survivorship. In this course, participants will learn about important factors to understand and consider related to the cancer type, cancer treatments, prognosis and cancer-related functional impairments. 

Who Is My Instructor?

Dr. Elise Cantu PT, DPT, OnCS, CLT-LANA

Instructor bio is available at

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, the student will…

1. Recall important questions to ask related to cancer type/stage, treatments received, response to treatment, and existing functional impairments

2. Understand important education points for patient with active cancer and cancer survivors related to safety, as well as physical health and longevity

3. Apply appropriate treatment modifications based on knowledge gained from a patient history

4. Understand how, when, why and where to refer patients with cancer for specialist support if needed

Are There CEUs For This Course?

This webinar is eligible for 2 CEU contact hour for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants in the blue states on this webpage: If you are not licensed in one of these states, or not a PT/PTA, you may be able to apply for individual approval with your state board. Email [email protected] if you'd like more information.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Syllabus, Slides, and Articles

    2. Introduction & Terminology Overview

    3. Staging & Cancer Treatments

    4. Oncology History Taking

    5. Cancer Impairment Management & Intervention

    6. When to Refer to an Onco PT Specialist

    1. Special Offers & Discounts!

    2. Completion Tasks

About this course

  • $65.00
  • 2 hr CEU credit
  • Live Zoom or Online Self-Study
PT/PTA CEU credit is accepted in all the states highlighted in blue! If you are licensed in a gray state, we can provide all the information you need to submit for individual approval. MS: Approved Activity (limited CE credit).

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